Micrometrajes lowtech: call for arts managers

2º Call Micrometrajes lowtech: pixel friends

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” Micrometrajes lowtech : Pixel friends ” is a call for videos with a maximum length of 1 minute recorded with lowtech technology ( mobile phone cameras , digital cameras , webcams , etc. . ) . The theme and style is free.

The idea is to create a microfilm festival as a result of the call where the videos will be shown .

All the material we handle will be considered as part of the free culture, which means you can work with it openly.

In the end what we have is a file of one minute videos. This allows the event to be easily managed from the technical side (the only need is a projector and a room ) as from the legal side ( free licenses solve many problems to organize and replicate the festival ) .

A part from the event, as a collective we organize all the material in our blog and our Vimeo channel so it’s available to everyone generating a file of the participants and their origin making their work accessible through the Internet.

This year we are looking for people willing to replicate the festival in their own city, expanding the scope of the call and the experience of creating and sharing art networks in the free culture scene.


You can check all the material from the first call at this blog and on our Vimeo channel



1. You must publicize the call and make sure to circulate the information.

2. You must have a public or private space where you can show the material. You can replicate the festival at home, or in a center of contemporary culture, a faculty or a gallery. You decide.

3. Although each replica is free to be organized at will, all the videos will be sent to elcol.lectibo@gmail.com. In this way once the call is closed, we will organize a compilation video with all the material for it to be used on the day pass in the different cities at the same time. The videos will be alphabetically organized by the authors names.

4. Each replicant is free to decide how to express the very idea of the festival. You can attach it to a meeting of performance art, a film festival, introduce it in a larger art or social media festival … whatever you see fit.

5. Each replicant is free to produce their own publicity material (posters, comercials , banners, etc … ) giving it the suitable approach. All materials will be freely shared through a Dropbox folder to be used by anyone who is replicating the festival. All the material should be prepared one and a half months before the show date.

6. The idea is to also generate a map using the CmapTools program to display the network construction of the events. CmapTools is a free download tool available for Mac and Pc . The file is shared in “Cmaps sites > IHMC Public Cmaps > El col·lectibo > Micrometrajes en lowtech_amigos del pixel_2014”.

7. Send us a mail before 20th of January 2014.


The call will be open from the 1st January until the 15 th March. From the 5 th of April the final video will be ready to show. From this moment on we will endeavor to find an exact date for the festival.

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